2013 New Blogger Blog Hop ♥ Week 5

Hello hello again, another catch up post! Week 5 was the first of July's bloggers, whoo, second month of blog hop! I must say, my bloglovin has swelled to epic proportions. I'm fairly sure I've been falling behind on this aspect because I've been reading so much and getting so inspired! I must thank everybody for participating, if only for how much spark it's given me ♥ I hope I've returned the favor a little bit!

Let's look at the pretty pictures for this week, shall we~

Friday, July 5
Christa @ Christa Quilts!
Alyce @ Wonderland By Alyce
Anna @ The Crooked Banana
Rachel @ Sew Happily Ever After 
Stephanie @ Quarter Incher
Shayla @ Sassafras Lane Designs
Caroline @ Carolines Craftiness
Lisa @ Hilltop House Creative Works

Another week, another round of lovely introductions! I'm glad I'll be caught up soon, all of these wonderful bloggers deserve some love ♥♥♥


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