2013 Finish-a-Long

Like many other crafters, I've got a project list that seems like it'll take years to finish - and I only started in January! It's just too tempting not to try something new when I see it :) Anyway, also like many other crafters, I've decided to take part in the upcoming third quarter of the Finish a Long! I do have some projects I'd love a little extra motivation to finish...let's see what they are:

First up, and most obviously, Posy!

I've only just now gotten to order some basting spray, and it should be here next Thursday. I hope to finish the backing by then, and have a quilting plan roughly drawn up, so once I receive it I can go to town! Anyone have any suggestions on how to quilt a basketweave pattern, by the way? I was thinking maybe just 1/4 lines away from each seam, but that might make it too busy? I'd welcome any ideas ♥

I really want to finish this as well; my summer sampler desserts. Just need to fix up that last block, then sash it & sew it! I want a summer wall hanging before the end of summer!

I probably won't be able to front the cash for batting & backing for this monster for a while, so I'm not entirely sure I can finish it completely...I'd love to have a finished top, though, and at least a start on the backing. I'll be working my hardest for a finish, though!! Especially by September.

Dug up a couple more old projects that I would adore to see completed:

Quilted handbag (this thing has some really cool construction, I want it finished so I can use it and show it off!!)

And I have two versions of the same wallet pattern, want to finish these up as well! I have tons of handbag and wallet patterns that I bought in December, but I haven't finished (or even started, really), any of them! Embarrassing, haha. Again, these should be doable by September ♥

And not a quilting finish, but a cross stitching one - I remember thinking this would be done within the week I started it! Two months later...you know how it goes, right? I don't have much left at all, but it's just on such tiny aida, and I have so many tiny gray stitches to undo at the bottom. Ugh!!

Anyway, there's the list! I have lots of projects I'll be working on otherwise - I'm trying to do smaller sewing projects right now so I can have more finished items around the house! I have a few cushions in the works, probably a needlebook and pincushion, a couple of mug rugs or a table runner...plus I have an exciting finished project to show! I haven't uploaded pictures yet, so you'll see it soon ♥

Oh, oh, New Blogger Blog Hop! I've been falling behind terribly, I really have been barely touching my computer lately. Comments and mosaics for each week are still forthcoming, and I'll be sure to link to your post directly so introductions will be easy to find ♥

Have a great weekend everyone! I hope the monsoon continues over here, it's been a break from the stifling heat at least!


  1. I've been so tempted by those summer sampler dessert blocks! Yours are very, very cute. Love the layer cake one. I like your swoon blocks too--especially the one that has the little scrappy outer diamonds! I've not seen someone do a scrappy look with these yet.

  2. This looks like a great list and totally doable! I've had very little computer time this week with the kids gone so I'm behind on my blog hop reading :( But I'm looking forward to just immersing myself in quilty inspiration some day the quilting mojo is on vacation :)

  3. Lovely projects!! Those summer sampler deserts look divine! And your Swoon blocks too!

  4. You definitely look like you have been busy! Good luck on speedy finishes:)I just love the swoon blocks, they seem to take everyone a while. You can do it!

  5. Such pretty colors! Love the paper pieced blocks!