A Couple of Quilt Blocks

Finally, some quilty things to show! I've been participating in the Skill Builder Block of the Month over at Pile O' Fabric, which has been fun. It's my first BOM, actually, so besides one very misguided scrappy trip a long block (just...don't ask), the first Skill Builder block was also my first quilt block! You can tell. Haha, it's not that bad, but you can tell I've been just starting out. I haven't managed to get good pics of any of the other blocks, so here's the latest two:

Woven Star

Woven Chevron

Man, those plaid chevrons look rough in the pictures! It doesn't look quite so odd when it's front of me, I swear...I probably shouldn't been careful to match up the plaid, though, so it's my fault in the end. I am really proud of the Woven Star, though! I think it's one of the first blocks I've made where the points actually sort of match up. No one told me that would be hardest obstacle in quilting. It shouldn't too hard just to match up some lines of fabric, it just shouldn't!

In addition to the Skill Builder Bom, I'm also in the midst of making Swoon (4 blocks done, 2 being sewn, 3 more to pick out fabrics for) and the Farmers Wife quilt (4 blocks finished! I just started last week). I took some pictures of those since I'm really pleased with how it's coming together, but unfortunately since I'm stuck with  my cell phone as my camera, I'm also stuck with terrible pictures. That will be changing soon! Maybe as soon as my work is quality enough for people to want to see the fine details, right? Good goals, good goals.


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So sad about Google Reader, huh? I used that thing for years! I went back and glanced at it the other day and forgot how much I loved the interface. Bloglovin is okay, I just hate click-through links on every post!

Also, did my first cosmetic overhaul for the blog, looks pretty good so far. Thanks to Pugly Pixel for the template ♥ I love how clean and simple it is.

Have a good spring-y weekend! The trees outside our house are in full bloom, it's been so gorgeous lately - I hope there's some nature near you to soak up, too ♥

By the way

I've been having a lot of fun participating in various fabric bundle/mosaic contests, now that I have a fancy new blog I have a place to share them! Here's the latest one:

For a contest over at Stitched in Color, sponsered by Lark Cotton. I really like how it turned out, with the orange and blue, then the pink and neutrals. I spent forever fussing over the layout too, haha. Does it show??

Oh, I found a previous one I made, for Bloomerie Fabrics, I think:

I fell in love with it, slowly collecting yardage of all of these prints! I'm so in love with Posy right now.

Any thoughts or critiques about these as bundles? I need quilty feedback ♥

My first blog post!

I've been in the world of crafting for quite a good portion of my life, now. When I was grounded as a kid, my parents had to ground me from reading, because it was the biggest reward to me to be able to sit around and read as the hours flew by. So on days when I was grounded, I always had to dig out that craft box, filled with early 90's fabrics, keychain bead kits, and  and just go to town.

Since then I feel I've gotten more refined. I studied at FIDM for fashion design, I worked at a papercrafting store where I got to make cards and paper projects every day. Currently, I'm doing lots of cross stitch and quilting, with a dash of embroidery, felting, and crochet thrown in. I'm hoping that I can see my skills and my "portfolio" of crafts grow with this blog, and find some people to share these moments of my life with.

Thank you ♥ I hope you like what you see.