Summer Sampler!

Recently, my quilting journey has taken me into the brand new world of paper piecing! It's been quite exciting, most especially because I thought I would hate both English paper piecing and foundation paper piecing, and it turns out I actually adore them both. I love working with hexagons and doing a bit of hand-sewing, and I also love the cutie things you can make with foundation piecing ♥ To help with my learning, I've joined the Summer Sampler Sew Along over at Ellison Lane Quilts! I put off a lot of the blocks until this past weekend, but once I started working I fell in love~. Here are my blocks:

Popsicles! I love the cherries, got them from a fabric grab bag at a local thrift store. I also got some cross stitch Aida cloth for $1, I should go back there...

Lemonade! My first block, actually, although I had to re-do it...the two halves were a bit uneven. I love the chevrons! And the gingham lemonade print, adorable.

Cupcakes, naturally. The prints are from my Marmalade and Windsor Hill charm packs. I was surprised how quickly this block came together!

And the latest, Soft Serve Ice Cream! This one took me a little while, but it came through in the end. The pink elephant spoon, ahhh! 

Conclusion: Foundation paper piecing is lots of fun and fairly easy to pick up! I know this blocks are nothing compared to more complicated ones out there (have you seen the Forest QAL?? Those are crazy! I can't wait to try them...someday...)

Can't wait for the last two blocks in the series...I'm thinking a summer wall hanging for the kitchen...


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