Paper Piecing

Man, this whole journey of paper piecing has been incredibly eye-opening for me. Before my English paper pieced Skill Builder BOM, I assumed that I would just abhor the process of paper piecing. By hand, it seemed like it would take too long, who cares that it's mobile? And foundation paper piecing seemed like more trouble than it was worth. Welp, I was completely off on both counts! EPP is so fun for the fact that I can take it anywhere (and how on earth can hexagons be so cool and cute??), and foundation paper piecing is incredibly useful for people such as, ah, myself, who have difficulties with proper seam allowances and whatnot. For any beginners who are put off by either, I encourage you to go forth and try it! It's been so much fun to learn these techniques and enjoy the fruits of my labor ♥

With that being said, here are the next two blocks in the Summer Sampler Sew Along series from Ellison Lane Quilts:

Vanilla Milkshake! I wanted to use a vintage-y sort of print for the glass, this one was absolutely perfect - picked it up from SAS a few days ago. I need to do a post on them really soon!

Slice of Cake! Not sure what flavor. Funfetti? And a fancy chocolate frosting exterior with pink frosting inside. All on a chintzy china plate, of course. It's a little bit busy compared to the others, so I'm afraid it'll stand out too much...but I love the way it looks in the end! 

Here's all 6 together: 


For some reason, I thought that there were only 6 blocks in the series, but now I think there might be 9. Can anyone confirm/deny? If there are 9, I'm so excited to make three more of these! I could make summer treats all summer long ♥

Would you like a peek at what else I've been working on?

A Posy quilt that I never thought could happen is in the works! I've finished 8 blocks so far, eagerly working on more!!

I've also got a LOT of cross stitch patterns I'm working on; this is Pretty Little London from Satsuma Street. I've made a lot more progress but haven't taken any new pictures! Tonight, tonight. I've also got her Pretty Little Paris pattern I'll be starting next, then an Italy pattern from the Frosted Pumpkin Stitchery as well as their new Summer Sampler!! I'm too excited to start working on that, their seasonal samplers are toooo cute.  And if you're wondering about all of the traveling themed ones, my roommate is currently studying abroad in Italy, and touring through London and Paris on the way, so these are to commemorate her summer trip (living vicariously from home?). I can't wait to hang them up!


  1. These blocks are just so cute - I love what you can do with paper piecing! The first time I tried it, I was blown away :)