My first blog post!

I've been in the world of crafting for quite a good portion of my life, now. When I was grounded as a kid, my parents had to ground me from reading, because it was the biggest reward to me to be able to sit around and read as the hours flew by. So on days when I was grounded, I always had to dig out that craft box, filled with early 90's fabrics, keychain bead kits, and  and just go to town.

Since then I feel I've gotten more refined. I studied at FIDM for fashion design, I worked at a papercrafting store where I got to make cards and paper projects every day. Currently, I'm doing lots of cross stitch and quilting, with a dash of embroidery, felting, and crochet thrown in. I'm hoping that I can see my skills and my "portfolio" of crafts grow with this blog, and find some people to share these moments of my life with.

Thank you ♥ I hope you like what you see.


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