Happy Holidays

Wow, it has been a while, hasn't it? Honestly, I've been struggling a lot with health and things over here. And  it's a busy time of year for all of us! I've had a few more responses to my previous post, I'm so sorry I haven't responded to you yet - honestly, that whole ordeal was very exhausting, and it's hard to want to re-visit all those feelings again. I'll probably get to it eventually...speaking of, if I've promised anyone anything, an email, a response, an item, a swap; and I haven't followed through yet, please go ahead and send me an email to remind me. I'm hideously forgetful and I'm trying to make a definitive list of all the things I've not done. I get the feeling this applies to a few people out there, so please, please just remind me! Things can get overwhelming pretty easily over here, so new priorities tend to crowd out the old ones before I remember to write everything down. So sorry if anyone's been left hanging!

I haven't been sewing a lot, or even cross stitching too much. I'm kind of taking it easy, winter vacation. Considered making a "finished things of 2013" mosaic but it would be tiny! This does bring me to my point though - I started quilting last January, so this will be wrapping up my first full year of quilting. I've learned so much, met so many people, and expanded my horizons in ways I never would've expected. In some ways, I feel terrible that I only have one finished quilt to show for my year (...I haven't even shared any pics of it anywhere!), but I've been going through a lot and my health is really so variable that it makes it hard for me to set firm goals or expectations - sometimes I'm just not capable of following through. I'm incredibly proud of what I've accomplished though, especially as I am a beginner to quilting - not to sewing, maybe, but quilting is definitely a whole other animal :) Anyway, I went through my Flickr and just pulled a few favorites into a mosaic ♥

1. Simple & Sweet Scrappy Swap ♥ Back, 2. Halloween Spooky Sampler ♥ Finished, 3. Penny Sampler ♥ Little Houses, 4. Sweet Pouch Swap ♥ Sent, 5. Marcelle Medallion Progress!, 6. Happy Hexagon Trivet, 7. Thank You Block, 8. Dresden Mug Rug, 9. Skill Builder BOM ♥ Woven Star, 10. Posy Quilt Top, 11. Ciao Italia ♥ Finished, 12. Scrappy Trip Along ♥ Block 4
I think I've learned that this past year was very pink for me...

So what's up for  next year? First, I'm turning 24 on Jan 13! Nothing big planned, just some craft book splurges and maybe some new yarn. Let's see...oh, and I'm putting together a little sew along type thing for this coming year! Hopefully starting next week (give everyone some time to recover for the new year!), I'll post some more details later. I'm  hoping to get much more knitting done, as well as finishing some of these quilt tops hanging around here... I would post a WIP list, but it might make some of you faint. To hint at it, it's over 25 items deep, not including patterns I've purchased but not used and quilts that I am dying to make but haven't started yet, oh, or upcoming bees/swaps. :( One step at a time over here...hopefully I'll be getting much more medical care this year, too, that would help my productivity/functionality sooo much! It kills me to be stuck at home, staring at the things I can't finish. Whew, it is freezing at the computer! No wonder I haven't been on much lately. I better go get some cocoa and cuddle up ♥

I hope everyone else's holidays were filled with family and good food, and here's to a happy new year as well! ♥


  1. Your mosaic is so full of pretty things! I love it :) we'll have to have some crafty time with tea or something for your birthday!

  2. Gwen, you shouldn't feel bad about your craft, it isn't a competition to see who can make the most (although sometimes on the internet it does seem like it) just do what you can and most importantly enjoy yourself :)

    Belated Happy Birthday for the 13th, I hope you have an awesome year.